Weekend School

ISNWO Weekend School

ISNWO weekend school is now being hosted online (see course work below). Regular school timings will be on Sundays from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm (Zuhur prayer). If you are an interested parent and would like your kids to participate in the weekend school for Islamic education, please click here to fill out the registration form and submit it electronically. 

If you would like to be part of this program as a volunteer or would like to send us comments to help us improve our program, please click here to submit a request to volunteer or to share commentsWe are looking forward for another exciting year

ISNWO Online Courses for Sunday April 5, 2020 – Saturday April 11, 2020

This week we have 3 lessons posted below

Lesson 1, Teacher: Sister Yameena, Title: 3 Suggested Family Videos, Sunnah of Eating & Dua

Please review these lessons with your children and be sure to follow the homework instructions listed with each lesson below. (No homework this week)

Lesson 2, Suggested Family Videos, By Sr. Yameena

Need Homework Help? Use the contact us form to send questions or concerns to your teacher – in the note please be clear about which teacher you would like to help answer your questions! Our Teachers will respons to you within 2 days.
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