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The Islamic Society of Northwest Ohio recently purchased about 10 acres of land near the intersection of South McCord and Angola roads, including an approximately 36,000-square-foot facility at 850 S. McCord Rd. that formerly housed a Kroger. The Islamic Society purchased the Holland property for $1.275 million. It is one of at least 10 mosques in the Toledo area.

In addition to a large prayer hall, the building is expected to encompass a lecture hall, gymnasium, and, possibly, a banquet hall. Future plans include a food pantry and free medical clinic.

“We hope that the center will be a resource for Islamic information in our community,” Dr. S.Zaheer Hasan, the spokesman for the Islamic Society, said. “We will be looking toward inviting the community at large and hope to do a lot of interfaith and intercommunity activities from here.”

Imam Farooq S. Aboelzahab is the spiritual leader of the Islamic Society of Northwest Ohio and more than 100 families are plugged into the Islamic Society of Northwest Ohio.

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