Our History

The Islamic Society of Northwest Ohio originated at a storefront located at 1036 North Holland Sylvania Rd. in 2013. The community consisted of people from many different cultural backgrounds all united for the sake of prayer and community service.

Three years after its grand opening, the masjid was overflowing and crowded. The only solution was to expand to a new masjid that could accommodate the needs of the growing Muslim American community in Northwest Ohio.  North and South Toledo have established community centers but the ISNWO reaches the community members that are more centrally located in Holland, Perrysbury, Maumee, Springfield Township, Sylvania, and Central Toledo. It is one of about 10 mosques in the Toledo area.

Imam Farooq S. Aboelzahab is the spiritual leader of the Islamic Society of Northwest Ohio and the ISNWO has established an executive board and a series of committees to better serve North West Toledo and beyond.

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